Pinus sylvestris – Scots Pine

This month we’re going to be taking a look at evergreen specimen trees, plants which stand out thanks to their beauty or stature. Today we’re taking the time to look at Pinus sylvestris, or the ‘Scots Pine’.

Pinus sylvestris - Scots Pine
A shot of Pinus sylvestris from around the nursery

Historically, the Scots Pine was the only pine native to northern Europe. It unfortunately became extinct in both England and Wales anywhere from 400-500 years ago, and could only be found in Scotland. Fortunately, it is now common in some areas of the English countryside.

It’s a strikingly tall tree in maturity, with an ultimate height of anywhere between 10-30 metres. Whilst young Pinus sylvestris is pyramidal, though later on will become broadly umbrella shaped, with a long, straight trunk.

Pinus sylvestris
Pinus sylvestris in a sunny site, displaying vividly coloured needles

Pinus sylvestris in a sunny site, displaying vividly coloured needles

The needles can appear blue or grey-green, and the tree also produces pinecones. While it prefers a sunny site, the Scots Pine will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. It’s fully hardy, proven capable of enduring conditions from exposed and coastal sites with sandy soils to the acidic Scottish highland moors. It’s also tolerant of both heat, drought, wind, frost, and short periods of waterlogged soil.

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