Agave lophantha- Striped Agave, Succulent for Sunny Patio

Agave lophantha is known as the striped Agave, also the thorncrest century plant. It is a desert plant which originates from Mexico and Texas where it thrives on sandy hills and rocky outcrops. Here in the UK it needs a sunny, sheltered position and free-draining soil or compost such as a sandy, cactus compost mix. It is well-suited to growing in a pot and makes an excellent patio plant or even a sheltered, south-facing balcony. Also suitable for a conservatory. It is well adapted for hot weather, being a succulent, but can also tolerate temperatures down to around -7 C provided it is kept dry. Benefits from being undercover, away from heavy rain and with the possibility of moving indoors during exceptionally cold weather.
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This succulent is often mistaken for an Aloe or cactus, however, Agave is a separate genus, of which there are over 200 species. A very slow-growing plant that could reach a maximum height of up to 50cms, with a similar spread. The plant is currently growing in a 6 litre pot and the plant itself measures up to 20 cm tall. Makes an excellent focal point. The foliage varies in colour, having a striped pattern. A very undemanding plant which is very easy to care for, provided it doesn't get too wet. Only water when the soil completely dries out. Too much water can cause root-rot. These plants can produce blooms on stalks which can grow up to 2m tall. But each plant will flower only once and the parent plant will die, leaving numerous 'pups' which will continue to grow. Please be aware that this plant has thorns and care should be taken when tending to its needs.
Container plants will keep, if necessary, for many months in their containers prior to planting. If you receive the plants during the spring or summer when they will be growing, then it will be best to plant within a week or two making sure that the plants are kept well watered in the containers until planting and also that they are protected or supported to prevent them from blowing over and damaging branches. If you receive the plants during the winter then they can be kept until early spring before planting with occasional watering to prevent them drying out. Again, protect them from being blown over. They will not be harmed by frost but do not attempt to plant them in the ground when they, or the ground, are frozen. Take care to plant at the correct depth so that the surface of the container is just below the ground level but not by more than an inch or so. They will require watering during the first summer to prevent the ground from drying out. Take care not to over or under water - you can tell by feeling the soil to see if it is dry. Trees should be securely staked to prevent them from rocking and breaking off new root growth.

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