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English Woodlands Burrow Nursery Blog

  • Cold and wet weather planting advice.

    Autumn to spring is the ideal planting time for most trees and shrubs as they are not actively growing and there is likely to be less stress to the plant. However, it is best to avoid planting in waterlogged or frozen ground.

    English Woodlands

    Wet conditions?

    If the soil is waterlogged do wait until surface water has drained away before you plant. If the soil consistently remains very wet consider improving the drainage before planting or the plants could suffer in the long term. Walking or driving on, or digging soil, when waterlogged can also damage the structure - compacting it and reducing the aeration which is necessary for plant roots to thrive.

    Cold conditions?

    Generally, if there is snow on the ground or the ground is frozen for several days it is advisable not to plant. Do not remove pots or containers from the root ball during freezing conditions as the small roots can be damaged.


    Bundles of bare-root plants can be kept in the bags they are supplied in, in a shed or garage for about a week prior to planting, if the delay is longer they are best ‘heeled’ in the soil in their bundles or in a free draining container with compost around the roots. Rootballed plants are best left out of drying, cold winds with straw or hessian over the rootballs. Container grown trees and shrubs are fine in the containers they come in until planting conditions are suitable – just secure them safely where they won’t blow over.

  • Happy New Year!

    We wish all our customers a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

    We are open as usual from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 4pm Saturday. We welcome pre-orders, especially this year, for bare-root hedging for both delivery and contactless collection. You are welcome to telephone or email us for advice and you can order on the web, by telephone or email.

    The nursery is open to visitors, we are following our normal careful Covid secure procedures and request customers wear face masks in the office area. We limit numbers in the office to 4 customers and there are hand sanitising stations prior to entry to reception.

    Enjoy the planting season, as long as the ground isn't waterlogged or frozen it is the time to plant trees and shrubs. See our previous blog on cold weather advice.

    Large specimen evergreen shrubs

  • Season's Greetings

    The whole team at English Woodlands would like to wish you

    Merry Christmas
    and a

    Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

    We close at 12 noon Thursday 24th December
    re-open 8 am Monday 4th January 2021

    Thank you for your support and custom in this difficult year and we look forward to seeing you, safely, in the New Year.

    We hope you, your families and friends stay safe and well.

  • Bare root hedging available

    Thank you for your patience this year! Bare root hedging is now available, the start of the season gets later every year due to mild weather and leaf retention. Plants are being lifted from the fields now and we are working through pre-orders.

    This year especially we are encouraging PRE-ORDERING prior to collection please. Small orders for hedge packs may be available to pick up on the day but please telephone first to confirm availability. All other orders for collection and delivery must be ordered and paid for in advance please.

    We have our usual convenient prepacked hedge mix of 25 plants in 60-80cm size or 90-120cm.

    Mixed Hedge pack 60-80cm includes 12 Hawthorn, 4 Field Maple, 3 Hazel, 3 Spindle, 3 Blackthorn £45

    Mixed Hedge pack 90-120cm includes 13 Hawthorn, 4 Field Maple, 4 Hazel, 4 Hornbeam, £58

    Wildlife Mix pack 60-80cm includes 10 Hawthorn, 3 Field Maple, 3 Spindle, 3 Blackthorn, 3 Guelder Rose, 3 Dog Rose £45 available in the nursery.

    Hedge Mixtures for larger quantities 150+ can be either 40-60cm or 60-80cm tall, the mixture includes at least 50% hawthorn, the remainder can be selected in multiples of 25, up to six species, from the following: Hawthorn, Field Maple, Dogwood, Hazel, Spindle, Blackthorn, Beech, Hornbeam, Dog Rose, Guelder Rose.

    Single species of deciduous plants for hedging are also available, the price depends on size and quantity, see our website for details.

    How many plants will I need?

    New mixed Hedges are usually planted at a spacing of 5 plants per metre - this allows for 2 rows with plants staggered.

    Mixed rural hedges are a traditional way of creating stock proof boundaries and can be used in gardens too to encourage wildlife and create an attractive feature.

    If you need any advice about planting bare root hedges or trees, please contact us, we supply great quality plants in a range of species and sizes.

  • We are open as usual.

    Thank you to all our customers who has supported us this year, we are very grateful. Since May when we re-opened after the last lockdown we have realised how even more important gardens, trees and plants have been to everyone and we are happy to continue to advise and supply great quality plants.

    Following Government guidelines to allow garden centres to stay open we are trading as normal, with strict social distancing on the nursery. We welcome visitors for cash and carry but request you load your plants on a trolley yourself and load your car. We can deliver larger items as usual. Read our method of operations here.

    In the office we ask you wear a face covering and sanitise your hands on entry and exit, chairs and door handles are regularly sanitised. All our sales desks have Perspex around them, so we can still give advice on site in the office or the nursery. Do email in photographs of your garden / the site if you would like specific advise. If you don't wish to visit we can take orders by telephone, email or via the web for delivery or contactless collection.

    Stay safe everyone and enjoy your plants!

  • Evergreen hedging RB

    Rootballed hedge plants are now available, this is an economical way to buy hedge plants of a good size and great quality. They are field grown and pruned, and dug up for sale when dormant October - March. Roots come wrapped in soil and hessian which you leave on when planted. Larger specimens should be staked to help them establish.

    We have bushy yew - Taxus baccata - from 60-80cm to 2m and Western Red Cedar - Thuja plicata - from 150cm to 2m. Yew is a classic hedge plant which clips well, forms a beautiful backdrop to herbaceous borders and tolerates shade - but it does require well drained soil. Thuja also clips well and tolerates heavier soils than yew - a good choice for clay soils - it also tolerates harder pruning than Leyland.

    • Taxus baccata 60-80cm £23.40 each inc VAT (£18.60 for 10+ plants)
    • Taxus baccata 100-125cm £39.60 (£36 for 10+)
    • Taxus baccata 125-150cm £72 (£68.40 for 10+)
    • Taxus baccata 150-175cm £96 (£90 for 10+)
    • Taxus baccata 175-200cm £150 (£138 for 10+)
    • Taxus baccata 200-225cm £180 (£168 for 10+)

    Prices include VAT.

    • Thuja plicata 150-175cm £48.00 each (£45.60 for 10+)
    • Thuja plicata 175-200cm £58.80 (£55.20 for 10+)
    • Thuja plicata 200-225cm £72 (£66 for 10+)

    We welcome visitors to the nursery but if you wish to collect please pre-order if possible, this allows us to confirm availability and collect your plants for you to load. We also offer a delivery service.

    Please see our method of operations on our home page.

    We are open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 4pm Saturday, closed Sundays.

  • Autumn colour!

    It's beginning to look a bit like autumn - foliage colour, fruit, and berries...

    Acer palmatum Sango Kaku


    Acer palmatum Viridis

    Sorbus Olympic Flame


    Euonymus Red Cascade

    Crab apple Jelly King

    Pyracantha berries

    Parrotia persica

  • Autumn planting season

    After a warm dry summer we have at last had some rain bringing ideal conditions for planting trees and shrubs. We have lots of new stock in the nursery - small and large ornamental trees, fruit trees, shrubs and climbers.

    Ornamental trees range from our small standards (150-175cm now) to 3-4m standard trees, both evergreens and deciduous. Birch and cherry trees are always popular. Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer (an ornamental pear) is a great example of a deciduous tree which is good for screening in the summer months. For something special look at our beautiful evergreen Magnolia standards.

    New stocks of evergreen shrubs include mature Photinia Red Robin (a popular shrub which has bright red new spring growth) and Elaeagnus ebbingei - a quick growing evergreen that does well in windy conditions - including coastal sites- and it has the benefit of fragrant flowers too. We have a good range or small to large laurels for hedging.

    As usual we have a great range of fruit trees, topiary and small shrubs.

    For something special we have some stunning new specimens of multi-stem Magnolia Little Gem, Strawberry tree, Camellia sasanqua and Portugal laurel...

    Come and visit...we look forward to seeing you.

  • Fabulous foliage

    Overnight rain has refreshed the nursery. There is a plethora of foliage shapes and colours to be seen. This is worth considering when planning and planting a garden. Depth of interest can be achieved by using the shape, colour and texture of foliage as well the overall shape of the plant itself to achieve the effect you want.

    Feathery delicate leaves like Japanese Acers contrast well with large matt green leaves; blue needles of pines contrast with purple or dark red deciduous trees such as purple beech; leaves can be heart shaped, star shaped, tiny and crinkly, or large and hairy. New growth can be a different colour to older growth - like Photinia Red Robin, or a leaf can had a different colour underside like Magnolia grandiflora. All these characteristics can make for an interesting planting palette.

    We all know flowers are fabulous but don't forget foliage, and fruit can be ornamental too!

    Take time before the planting season to enjoy it all.

  • Hot weather advice

    There are certainly some extremes of weather in the UK at the moment: while storms and flooding are occurring in the north, in the south there is a drought and heatwave. I am sure those of you who have planted trees and shrubs this year have been watering through a warm dry spring and on through the summer. Trees have been doing quite a bit of growing since spring and the conditions mean that they may well be showing some stress and even going into autumn early. Shallow rooted trees like birch particularly, can show 'heat stress' with some leaves turning yellow in late summer.

    In the South East of England gardeners are being encouraged not to use hosepipes and we hope that wise use of watering cans and water butts mean that trees and shrubs can still be watered. 'Grey water' saved from baths and washing up can be used in the garden if necessary. Water butts may well be empty now but make sure you have some for future use when it rains!

    Remember - watering early morning and evening is the most effective as there is less evaporation at these times. Some leaves 'droop' in the mid-day heat, don't automatically assume they need more water - they often perk up in the evening and morning with cooler conditions - it is possible to over water as well as under water - the symptoms are similar.

    Do read our 'Guide to watering newly planted trees and shrubs' - we may well get some rain soon but it has to be steady and prolonged to soak in after a drought so do check the soil moisture as recommended in the guide.

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