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Cold Weather Planting and Storage – Bare Root Plants

Bare root plants are supplied when they are dormant, so although it is ideal to plant them soon after purchase, planting can be delayed if conditions are not ideal. In this space we’re going to outline the best way to handle bare root plants until permanent planting is possible.

They’ll arrive bundled in white bags. The roots will be moist when they leave the nursery and plants can be kept in the bags provided on arrival. Keep them in a sheltered, shady and cool location such as an unheated shed or garage.

Bare root plants can only be stored in this manner for around a week, after which they’ll need to be temporarily planted. Dig a trench in the ground to accommodate their roots, refill the hole without packing the soil in and water well. They can be kept “heeled in” in this way for weeks, but should be planted as soon as conditions are suitable. Alternative, they can be left in the bundles in a free draining compost around the roots. If the ground is frozen they can instead be left, still bundled, in a free draining container with compost around the roots.

Don’t remove your heeled in plants if they seem to be frozen, since they’ll damage easily. After the ground is thawed consider soaking the roots in a bucket of water for no more than five minutes to hydrate them, after which they’re ready for moving into a permanent planting location. Feel free to refer to our guide on Successful Tree Planting for more information.

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