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Plants for Spring Interest – Prunus Pink Perfection

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There are plenty of plants available to you when seeking spring interest, and quite often the more striking they appear the better. Prunus Pink Perfection is an old favourite around the nursery, exhibiting incredible spring colour as well as pleasant autumn foliage, and comes highly recommended by the English Woodlands team.

It’s a small tree, with ascending branches twisting their way up to an ultimate height of only 5-10 metres. Pink Perfection’s highlight comes during April and May, when the limbs become covered in pendent, double pink flowers. These hanging clusters create a booming explosion of colour within any garden, and make for an excellent centrepiece alongside more complementary species. Prunus Pink Perfection is deciduous, so you’ll also enjoy gentle orange-red foliage in autumn, contrasting to the young bronze foliage displayed during spring.

Another fully hardy specimen, you shouldn’t need to invest much time on maintenance as long the tree is enjoying moist, yet well-drained soil with access to full sun.
We’re pleased to be offering Prunus Pink Perfection, and you can find it at different sizes on our website. A 1.75-2.00m small standard tree costs £38.40 including VAT, or you can obtain a more mature, 3-4m tree for £150.

This specimen is right up there with the best of our common trees, so feel free to take a look today, and see whether this extensive flowerer is right for you. And remember, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and queries you may have, we always have someone on hand who would be happy to help out.

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