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Topiary in the Summer Garden

Laurus nobilis 34 STD  80-100cm stem 4045cm ball head

Gardening is a year round task, and there’s always one thing or another to keep yourself occupied with, from planting and protecting to maintaining and harvesting. But we have to admit that June is an absolutely perfect month for gardening work, particularly if the weather’s any good! The herbaceous plants are starting to take off, and you should be seeing some return on that vegetable garden as well, while the results of winter planting are just starting to show, particularly structural elements like evergreen hedging and topiary, providing a flavourful backdrop to the summer palette.

Buxus sempervirens is a classic favourite, and one of our favourite pieces of evergreen hedging. It comes boxed in a variety of sizes, from £3.00 up to £110.00, depending on your needs. Commonly shaped in spheres, cones and cubes it’s your best bet for laying out structural interest along paths and patios, and ready to be trimmed for June.

Laurus nobillis, the Bay Laurel, offers something a little different. A closely trimmed half-standard, or lollipop, creates structural interest with substantially more height. Planted in a sunny site in well-drained ground or containers it provides an extremely smart appearance by borders, pathways and doors. Again, it can be trimmed around June time to keep it looking neat.

There’s a lot more choice to be had, for instance the many varieties of Holly make for excellent half standards, while the Portuguese laurel offers similar benefits. There’s a lot more to be seen on our site, and you can always check out our dedicated topiary section for more ideas.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries you might have, we’ll always have a team member on hand who’s more than happy to help.

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