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We carry a large range of conifers for hedging and screening that have potential growth of up to 5m high, as well as conifers for planting individually. The best plants that we stock for planting individually are the specimen conifers. The container conifers available are suitable for planting at any time of year.

As well as these, we also offer Rootballed Conifers. These are gown in soil and lifted in winter months. The roots are then wrapped in hessian ready for planting. The suggested planting season is between mid-October to late April and the roots need to remain within the hessian wrap when planted. This will rot away naturally in time and does not prevent new roots from emerging. If you have any questions regarding our conifer stock, availability and tree dimensions, please get in touch with our team.

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  1.   Ilex aquifolium Alaska

    Ilex aquifolium Alaska

    Rootballed plants
    A useful evergreen shrub with spiny glossy green leaves. Flowers are produced in the summer and the long lasting red berries appear in the autumn. Can be grown as a specimen tree clipped bushes or a hedge. Hardy height and spread 10 metres if it is grown freely as a tree. Thrives in sun or shade in most soils except wet soil. Learn More
    Season: In season Season
  2.   Taxus baccata-English Yew

    Taxus baccata

    English Yew
    Container plants
    Long lived broadly conical evergreen conifer with narrow dark green leaves. Produces seeds in a conspicuous red fruit readily eaten by birds. Ultimate height 10-15m spread 8m. Hardy. Requires a well drained soil. Good on chalk. Full sun or partial shade. CAUTION:Foliage and seed toxic Learn More
    Season: In season Season

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