Bareroot Hedging & Trees

Bareroot Hedging & Trees

Bare root plants are those sold without soil around the roots and they are available between November and March. There are many benefits to purchasing bare root plants, sometimes described as whips and saplings:

  • They provide excellent value for money
  • The plants tend to establish quickly
  • More environmentally-friendly because there is no plastic pot
  • Easy to transport

English Woodlands offers a wide range of bare root trees and shrubs, many of which are available in larger quantities for those looking to plant a hedge or for large scale planting projects. Bare root plants can be pre-ordered at the end of summer, for planting during the dormant season.

Grants and funding for hedge and woodland creation

There are many different grants, funding, subsidies and schemes that help and encourage the planting of new hedges. It is considered essential that those who manage farmland, countryside and estates restore and create these valuable habitats. Of course, hedges are beneficial in gardens too!

More information on grants and funding can be found HERE.

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