Planting Service

English Woodlands has considerable experience and expertise in the nurture and supply of excellent quality trees and shrubs. These should establish well, once they have been correctly planted within the landscape, on a commercial site or in a private garden.

The planting and aftercare of the plants are both critical aspects which will affect how well the trees and shrubs grow. To help ensure that your plants get the best possible start, English Woodlands offers an expert planting service through its trusted contractor whose staff have a wealth of experience in planting trees and shrubs of all sizes. They work regularly with English Woodlands and its clients across the South East. When contracting the planting to English Woodlands, clients can be confident that their specimens will be correctly planted and have the best possible chance of success.

In addition, clients using this service benefit from an extended guarantee to replace and replant any of English Woodlands' container or rootballed plants that fail within 24 months of planting, subject only to satisfactory watering and aftercare of the plants.

For bareroot hedging plants, the transplanting process carries a slightly higher risk and it would be normal for a small percentage not to survive - not because of any fault with the plants or the planting but simply because the root systems of these plants are not as strongly developed. In these cases, English Woodlands will replace and replant any bareroot plants where the failure rate within 24 months of planting exceeds 10%. 

If you are interested in using this planting service, please ask for a quotation.

Alternatively, please ask to see a list of trusted contractors.