Apple trees make a great addition to any garden. All of the apple tree varieties stocked by English Woodlands are supplied on MM106 rootstock and will reach 4m-5m at full maturity. Certain varieties such as the Scrumptious and the Cox Orange Pippin are both self-fertile, which means that they will not need another apple tree for pollination. The remainder of the trees offered will require one pollinator planted nearby, except the Blenheim Orange and Bramley Seedling which require two in order to have a successful crop. Apple trees tend to produce a fruit crop between mid-summer and late autumn. They have a large assortment of different flavours and uses in cooking. Apple trees are generally easy to grow within British climates. For the best results we recommend that you do your planting between the months of November and March. Some apple trees are trained as fans or espaliers and are available in limited quantities . Please contact English Woodlands for advice and availability.

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