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We have been supplying large quantities of trees, shrubs and conifers for well over 50 years and we use this experience to ensure that the size, species and condition of the trees we supply are all geared to ensuring reliable survivability after transplanting. Although this minimises survival problems, there are nonetheless occasions – but these are truly few - when plants do not get established after transplanting. It should be remembered that transplanting is not a natural process and there are many factors that will influence success.

In these situations we will resolve such problems efficiently and with honesty, fairness and integrity. If you are not happy with how the problem is being handled you should speak to our director, Simon Johnson.
We will try to establish the likely cause of the problem by discussion on the telephone. If the cause is not clear we may request digital photographs. In some circumstances we may be able to visit the site to inspect the trees ourselves.
Will the plants recover? Depending on the nature of the problem, it may be that, with appropriate care, the plants will recover. In these cases we will keep in contact to review progress until the matter is resolved.
Or are the plants dead? If the plants are dead or are not likely to recover then we will consider the likely cause of the problem and, if it arises from any fault or defect with the plants we have supplied, then we will replace them during the appropriate season with, as near as possible, the same size as we originally supplied, subject to:
  • the problem occurring and being notified to us within 6 months from the date when the plant was supplied
  • our liability will be limited to a maximum of the invoice value of the plants supplied
If there was no fault or defect with the plant supplied then the cause of the problem may be some other reason beyond our control: e.g. inappropriate choice of plant for the site, unsuitable site conditions, inappropriate planting or maintenance, adverse weather conditions, damage by animals or machinery etc. In these circumstances we are unable to accept responsibility. We will, however, try to help with the cost of replacements at our discretion.
OUR GUARANTEE. All plants are guaranteed for 12 months to be healthy and sound when they are delivered to the customer. If there are any defects we will supply replacement plants as soon as practicable. We cannot be held responsible for plants that fail to grow due to unsuitable soil conditions, inappropriate choice of plant for site conditions, inappropriate planting or maintenance, adverse weather conditions, lack of maintenance or other causes beyond our control.