Windbreak & Fencing

Our Windbreak and Fencing is lightweight and high strength, available at a cost effective price. We stock both deer fencing as well as shade and shelter netting. Our varieties of netting are easy to erect. Simply strain the net and attach the stakes for immediate protection against wind, rain and sunlight. Our available netting is unobtrusive and camouflages into its surroundings. The netting is rot proof, strong and made of knitted polythene. It's available in a 50m roll and ranges 1.2m and 1.8m wide. Our deer fencing is an effective deer control barrier and is rot proof and UV stabilised. It can be quickly erected for immediate protection. It's available in a 180cm x 100m roll and is quick and easy to install. For any further queries please get in touch with our team regarding windbreak and fencing.

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