Rootball Evergreen Hedging

Rootballed plants are dug from the field with soil around their roots and wrapped in hessian. The hessian should be left in place during planting and will rot away in a few weeks. Only available from late October until mid to late April. For planting at other times please look at container plants.
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  1. Ilex aquifolium Alaska-Holly
    Ilex aquifolium Alaska-Holly Rootballed plants Shrub Out of season
    Out of stock
  2. Taxus baccata-English Yew
    Taxus baccata-English Yew Rootballed plants Conifer Out of season
    Out of stock
  3. Thuja plicata-Western Red Cedar
    Thuja plicata-Western Red Cedar Rootballed plants Conifer
    Out of stock
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