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We stock four different varieties of composts and bark, ideal for your planting needs. Our products come in 30L, 75L and 100L bags and are stocked in a range of varieties for different planting requirements including, Erinaceous Compost for plants such as Azaleas and Camellias, John Innes No3 compost for trees and shrubs, Pine Bark for weed suppressant and Tree Planting Compost, which is ideal for dry or stony soils. If you have any other questions regarding our composts and bark, availability or maintenance, please get in touch with our team.
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  1. Ericaceous Compost-30L bag
    Ericaceous Compost-30L bag Accessories In season
  2. John Innes No 3 Compost -35L bag
    John Innes No 3 Compost -35L bag Accessories In season
  3. Landscape Bark-100L Bag
    Landscape Bark-100L Bag Accessories In season
  4. Peat Free Compost-40 Litre Bag
    Peat Free Compost-40 Litre Bag Accessories In season
  5. Tree Planting Compost-75L bag
    Tree Planting Compost-75L bag Accessories In season
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