Seasonal Interest

Summer foliage colour

Colour is not just for flowers! Trees and shrubs can provide a beautiful palette of colour for structural planting. Think gold, silver, bronze (well burgundy!) for a winning alternative to green foliage. We love green but a well placed highlight of a different foliage colour can add a dramatic focal point or a complimentary backdrop to other planting...

6 July 2021
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Summer foliage and flowers

A summer selection of beautiful foliage and flowers. Trees and shrubs looking great in June.

14 May 2021
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Spring selection

A selection of plants on the nursery looking great now for late spring interest...

1 May 2021
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Plants for Winter Interest

Winter gardens don't have to be dreary! Some trees and shrubs provide colourful stems and bark, fragrant flowers and foliage colour.


13 January 2021
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Bare root hedging available

Bare root plants are available from November to March: field grown and dug up when dormant, they are an economical and effective way of planting new hedges aswell as gapping up existing ones.

27 December 2020
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