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July is closing out, so there’s no better time than to take a look at a few species with standout summer interest. Hydrangea is a genus made up of around 70 deciduous, flowering plants, originally native to Eastern and Southern Asia. With persistent summer flowers, they’re often couple with popular spring flowerers (such as Rhododendrons) to create long-term interest in the garden.

Hydrangea head 1

They make for fabulous flower arrangements, with a variety of colours to mix and match (and the heads can make brilliant home-grown decorations!), so today we’re going to briefly take you through some of the species brightening up our nursery this summer.

Hydrangea macrophylla

An amazing standby. With the potential for large pink, blue, or white flowers (depending on soil type and availability) arriving during late July and August. At the ultimate height of 2 metres they’re stunning additions, visit the link above to see more images proving the point.

Hydrangea petiolaris

As a climber, Petiolaris stands out from the rest of the Hydrangea crowd with aerial roots and twining shoots. Initially slow growing, this unusual yet expansive shrub can eventually cover the entire side of your house! Provide a preferably cool site with partial shade, and you’ll be treated to an immense display of fragrant, white flowers from June to July.

Hydrangea Vanilla Fraise

One of our most popular plants last year, and deserving of every drop of attention received. You’ll be treated to large, creamy, conical white flower heads during late summer, aging to deep, raspberry pink once autumn rolls around. Fully hardy and fairly fast growing, you can expect to see this popular choice reaching approximately 2 metres in height, given a sheltered site with sun or light shade.

Whatever you do, don’t overlook Hydrangeas this summer. When other flowerers are coming down from their peak, these specimens offer an exhilarating long-term display, excellent for prolonging seasonal interest in the garden as late as autumn.

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