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Rootgrow - Instructions for Professional Application

Rootgrow - Instructions for Professional Application     

Mycorrhizal Fungi, produced in the highly recommended product RootgrowTM, are a valuable part of the planting process. They help plants develop large secondary root systems, and are necessary to help plants grow in sterile soil. Using Rootgrow when planting a new specimen will greatly improve their chances of healthy growth and survival. However there are a few things to bear in mind, depending on whether you are applying the fungi through dry granules or Gel.

Firstly, whichever type you employ it’s important to maintain that the granules must come into direct contact with the roots. Secondly, be sure to use the advised application rates. They are designed to ensure good colonisation occurs in 2-4 weeks, and under dosing will slow the process down. Over dosing will do little more than waste money.

Dry Granule Application (Rootballed & Containerised plants)

For smaller plants, we’d say those up to 30 litres or 12-14cm in girth, sprinkle the granules evenly into the planting hole. Stick to the recommended dosage and place the plant directly onto them, the roots should be in contact with the granules.

For specimens over this size apply the granules directly to the top half of the plant where the roots are most biologically active. Start refilling the planting hole until the backfill is 30-40cm away from the surface. If the plant is containerised proceed to expose the roots by brushing away the compost, and again apply the granules directly. If you’re dealing with a rootball then simply apply the granules onto the moistened rootball.

Gel Application (Bare root plants and Whips)

First you must create a fine gel mix. For each 8-10 litres of water you use add 50ml of gel powder. These will be provided in the pack as two 25ml scoops. Stir the new mix until it takes on the consistency of wallpaper paste, ideal for applying to the root system. If it’s not quite right then simply add slightly more water or powder to even it out.

Remember how much solution you’ve created, since you’ll now add 1 litre of dry granules for every 4 litres of solution. Once they’re in the granules should be evenly suspended.

With your gel solution made, dip the bare roots of the plant into the gel until the entire root system has been covered. When dipping whips be sure not to dip too many at simultaneously, we recommend no more than 25 per dip. An excess of this may result in uneven coverage.

Get Planting

Rootgrow is a great way to inspire growth in new plants, eventually growing a large and efficient root system to increase their uptake of nutrients and water. Be sure to follow the instructions we’ve laid out for you, and the process should be entirely painless.

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