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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • 15% off Rite-Edge Aluminium Edging Products

    Now May’s here, there’s a wonderful abundance of new growth and fabulous blooms, and in most soil types conditions are ideal for planting

    With all the warm weather and eye-catching blooms though, it is easy to ignore the edge of borders. Of course, this means that grass can soon encroach in areas where it shouldn’t be encroaching.

    In order to help you demarcate borders between the edges of lawns, our Rite-Edge aluminium edging products can be used to smarten up grass and shrub borders. Alternatively, these products can be used for delineating gravel or paved areas. Easy to install as either straight or curved edging systems, these are available in silver, brown or green colours.

    During the month of May, we are offering 15% off our Rite Edge products. To view the products included in the promotion, please visit our promotions page. You can activate the 15% discount at the checkout by using voucher code MAY14. This discount code is available until 31st May 2014, so make the most of it while you can!

    Happy Gardening and enjoy the warm weather!

  • Tree Planting Accessories – Aftercare Products

    When it comes to planting, you will always want to ensure that new trees and shrubs have the best possible start to life, in order for them to reach full maturity.

    Therefore, any newly planted tree, regardless of environment, will require careful attention and maintenance. The planting itself is only part of the process, and it should be stressed that the aftercare of your plant is of equal importance.

    Items such as fertilisers are ideal for feeding flowering plants, trees and shrubs to establish plant growth and to guarantee good nutrition. The Growmore 3kg Fertiliser Tub is just one of the value for money fertilisers available at English Woodlands for £9.60 per tub (inc. VAT).

    Compost available in convenient size bags ensure soil improvement at time of planting. John Innes Compost available in 20L bags is particularly good in a heavy clay soil, while 80l bags of decorative ornamental pine bark are handy in order to suppress weed development around the base of your plant and to add an attractive finish.

    Items such as tree stakes or rootball anchors (if you want a more unobtrusive method of firmly securing a semi mature tree) offer substantial support, and are important to consider for ensuring healthy roots, soil and plant growth during the first few seasons of a plant’s life.

    Finally, products such as Rootgrow (applied at the time of planting) enable superior root establishment, and allow plants to develop better root systems in order to cope with drought, while tree irrigation kits can facilitate efficient, regular watering of your newly planted trees.


    To view the full selection of Aftercare products available on the English Woodlands website, visit the Planting Accessories category. If you are looking for any further, specific advice about any aspect of planting you can take a look at the ‘Tree Planting Methods’ section of our blog.

    However if you want to talk to someone about aftercare, we would be happy to help with any other queries; just give us a call on 01435 862992 to talk to one of our friendly, informative team.

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