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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Christmas closing and New Year opening times

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    We close at 1pm Thursday 24th December and re-open 8am Monday 4th January.
    English Woodlands

  • Need some Christmas present ideas?

    ??????????Do you prefer to do your Christmas shopping in the fresh air? Know someone who loves plants or are you just looking for something to make the front door a little more welcoming? We have a few ideas...


    Skimmia japonicaSkimmia rubella, looks like a bunch of flowers all winter, pink in bud with small white flowers in spring. A small evergreen shrub which prefers some shade, neutral to acid soil and ultimately grows to approximately 1.2m.

    Sarcococca ruscifoliaSarcococca ruscifolia or Christmas Box - this is a small evergreen shrub with a fabulous fragrance, thrives in the shade and ideal in a border near a path or doorway to bring a scent sensation to late winter. Grows up to 1m.

    Camellia japonicaCamellia japonica - spring flowering Camellia, with lots of buds ready to flower, evergreen, prefers some shade and neutral to acid soil. Grows to 3m depending on variety.


    Azalea JohannaEvergreen Azalea Johanna - lush dark evergreen foliage, orange red spring flowers, also prefers neutral to acid soil and some shade. Does well in a pot  - always use ericaceous compost!

    Variegated Holly half standardIlex acquifolium argentea marginata - Holly - a traditional plant for Christmas with a variation - variegated foliage which brightens up an entrance, bright red berries, slow growing and very hardy. Prune to retain shape in summer.

    Picea pungens EdithPicea pungens Edith - one of the best colour blue spruce's. Christmas tree shape, slow growing to approximately 3m in 20 years. Likes well - drained soil and a sunny site.


    Many of our customers give fruit trees and small ornamental trees as gifts, we would be happy to advise a suitable choice. Do visit the nursery or contact us if you need some ideas!

    Alternatively, we also sell Gift vouchers!

  • Christmas Trees now in stock!

    Christmas Trees

    Our Christmas trees are now in stock. We sell great quality cut trees and appreciate that many of our customers return to us year after year.

    We sell the traditional Norway spruce with the lovely fragrance - so evocative of Christmas's past...

    We also sell the ever popular 'non-drop' Nordman Fir which keep their needles so well. Make sure you cut an inch off the bottom of the tree and use a stand with a water reservoir to prolong the life of your tree.

    Prices start from £15 and are sold as labelled in the nursery - you can choose your tree in the dry and we are open during normal nursery hours plus Sundays 10am - 4pm.

    Merry Christmas!

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