Bare root hedging available

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Bare root plants are available from November to March: field grown and dug up when dormant, they are an economical and effective way of planting new hedges aswell as gapping up existing ones.

Demand this winter has been very high and we recommend pre-ordering prior to collection. Small orders for hedge packs may be available to pick up on the day but please telephone first to confirm availability. All other orders for collection and delivery must be ordered and and paid for in advance please.

We supply convenient prepacked hedge mixes of 25 plants:
Mixed Hedge pack 60-80cm includes 12 Hawthorn, 4 Field Maple, 3 Hazel, 3 Spindle, 3 Blackthorn at £48 
Mixed Hedge pack 90-120cm includes 13 Hawthorn, 4 Field Maple, 4 Hazel, 4 Hornbeam at £58 - SOLD OUT
Wildlife Mixed Hedge pack 60-80cm includes 10 Hawthorn, 3 Field Maple, 3 Spindle, 3 Blackthorn, 3 Guelder Rose, 3 Dog Rose £48

Hedge mixtures for larger quantities of 150+ can be either 40-60cm or 60-80cm tall, the mixtures includes at least 50% hawthorn, the remainder can be selected in multiples of 25, up to 6 species, from the following Hawthorn, Field Maple, Dogwood, Hazel, Spindle, Blackthorn, Beech, Hornbeam, Dog Rose, Guelder Rose.

Single species of deciduous plants - such as beech - are also available, the price depends on size and quantity. 

New hedges are usually planted at a spacing of 5 plants per metre in a double staggered row. 

Mixed rural hedges are a traditional way of creating stock proof boundaries and can be used in gardens to encourage wildlife and create attractive divisions.

If you need any advice please contact us! We supply great quality plants in a variety of species and sizes.






27 December 2020
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