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Benefits of Trees and Shrubs in a Low Maintenance Garden

Not everyone has enough spare time to devote themselves fully to a garden, and quite often you’ll want to minimise the necessary maintenance. There are a number of benefits to using trees and shrubs for a low-maintenance garden, a few of which you’ll find below.

What makes a garden ‘low-maintenance’ depends on the size of the garden and how much time you have to spare. Reduce the amount of pruning to be done by choosing species that grow to the size you need and no more. Small trees and shrubs can be quite self-sufficient, slow growing or dwarf conifers such as Pinus strobus Nana, Pinus Brepo and Abies Koreana require very little attention other than watering in the first few years.  Rhododendrons and Azaleas do not require pruning and give spectacular displays of flowers.

Many ornamental trees require little maintenance. In small gardens  ornamental cherry trees such as Prunus Okame, Prunus Pandora, Prunus Royal Burgundy, and crab apples such as Malus Evereste, Malus Gorgeous, will not require pruning to keep compact. Trees and shrubs can be chosen for sequential seasonal interest such as foliage, flower, fruit, give just as much interest as higher maintenance herbaceous plants.

In small gardens gravel and paving with sympathetic planting can be much easier to maintain that a lawn. Architectural plants such as palms and olive trees, and aromatic shrubs such as Lavenders and rosemary can be used in gravel gardens.

There are many ways you could introduce low maintenance trees and shrubs into your garden, so check back regularly for features and guides to specific species. As ever, we’re always happy to answer and questions or queries you have by phone, so don’t hesitate to contact us if that’s the case.

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