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Mediterranean Plants

  • Aromatic plants now in stock!

    Thyme in variety

    New stock of Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme now available -
    and the fragrance is wonderful!

    Ideal for a sunny site and well-drained soil - or in pots and troughs. Design with herbs in a kitchen garden, in between stone slabs or use as edging plants. And just wait for summer!


  • Have you caught Rugby World Cup Fever Yet?

    Whatever your team, there are trees that come from there

    Oak treeEngland can stand tall with the mighty oak or bend gracefully with the silver birch...not to mention Australia sporting towering Eucalyptus and the versatile evergreen Pittosporum.

    Ornamental cherry treeJapan boasts beautiful flowering cherry trees most of which have stunning autumn colour too – and Japanese Maples are renowned for beautiful autumn foliage.

    From Scotland comes our only native pine - Pinus sylvestris. Ireland shares many of the same native trees as England does - such as Alder (Alnus glutinosa) and bird cherry (Prunus padus). Wales has one of the oldest, if not the oldest native Yew tree in Europe.
    Romania has beautiful forests of oak, hornbeam and beech.

    Olive TreeWe love native trees at English Woodlands, but where would our gardens be without some of the more exotic ornamental trees and shrubs from around the world? Tree ferns from New Zealand, Pencil Cypress and Olive trees from Italy; the amazing monkey puzzle tree Araucaria aurucana comes from Argentina (as well as Chile!) and a wealth of trees come from the USA -from the giant Wellingtonia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) to the autumn splendour of Sweet gum (Liquidambar styraciflua).

    From South Africa comes the essential seaside shrub Tamarix. If you support Canada then you’ll be flying the flag with a Canadian Maple. Think palms and bamboo in Fiji/South Pacific and the world tour is almost complete!Bamboo

  • Plants for a Mediterranean Garden - Olives & Figs (20% off until July 31st!)

    There’s no denying it, summer is really here. It’s already much hotter than expected, and the impromptu heat waves show no sign of slowing down this July.

    But a hot summer is a brilliant thing, just leaving us with more reasons to get outside and enjoy the foliage and wildlife the season accompanies. If you’re looking to make the absolute best of your Mediterranean summer, there’s nothing better to invest in than some Mediterranean plants. We’ve already introduced you to a few Mediterranean plants here, but in special celebration of the sun we’re knocking a whopping 20% off our entire collection of Olives & Figs until the end of July!


    They’re one of the first steps towards bringing in a little Mediterranean ambiance to your home. We find an especially good use is to place them as ornamental borders, around patios, swimming areas and gravel gardens, or alternatively pot them and move them to seating and entertaining areas. This is especially useful for Figs, which may require moving indoors during heavy frosts. Olive trees, on the other hand, make for a fairly hardy evergreen specimen, just bear in mind that their fruit won’t ripen in UK conditions.

    Figs will produce edible fruit around August and September, so it’s worth investing a while in advance if you’re interested. Remember that they require a little attention in order to get the best yield, though. Fig roots grow extremely vigorously, and restricting them will result in better fruit production. Either pot them or place the rootball in a fig pit, by placing some barriers around them in the soil, such as stone slabs or protective membranes.

    They’re both great ways to start off your Mediterranean garden, though throwing in some aromatics (like Lavander) and Vines can only help, you can read a few more of our recommendations in the post linked above.

    If you have any more questions never hesitate to contact us, we always have a friendly member of staff on hand and ready to handle any queries and enquiries you might have, whether you need to set up an order or are just looking for a little advice to get started with.

    Don’t forget about our special promotional discount on all Olives & Figs, though! Still running at 20% off until the 31st July, 2013.

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