Christmas Trees, available NOW from English Woodlands in East Sussex

Real Christmas Trees for sale now... helping to support the planet

You are probably aware of plastic pollution, it's received a lot of press recently. Christmas has a huge impact in terms of generating single-use-plastic, so here at English Woodlands we are delighted to provide REAL Christmas trees rather than fake. Our dry, welcoming Christmas tree shed is now stocked with both Nordmann firs, which are the most popular in Europe, together with traditional Norway Spruce. 

The tree and shrub specialist nursery at Cross in Hand, Heathfield (TN21 0UG) is open for Christmas tree sales, every day of the week from Monday 29th November 2021 through to Saturday 18th December. Sunday 5th and 12th December, the nursery is open for Christmas trees only, 10am - 3pm. 

The Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann is known as a non (or low) drop tree, meaning it doesn't tend to shed its needles into your home. It has an even shape with soft foliage. The needles have a silvery blue underside and good strong branches. It's a joy to decorate as the foliage is quite soft. You can tell we love the Nordmann fir by the smile on our Nursery Director's face below, but, more importantly, we think you will too! 

These trees are available in sizes ranging from 4ft (1.2m) through to 12ft (3.6m) and prices start from £40.

Nordmann Christmas Tree for sale

The Norway Spruce 

The Norway Spruce, Picea abies, was made popular by Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert. This fast-growing evergreen conifer could reach up to 40m if it was growing in the ground. It's not a UK native tree but was widely planted because of its rate of growth. Did you know that part of the tree is known as violin wood because it has excellent sound-transmitting properties? As a Christmas tree it has a charm of its own, including a wonderful pine scent and a classic shape. 

These trees are also available in sizes from 4ft (1.2m) through to 12ft (3.6m) and prices start from £30.

Norway spruce Christmas trees for sale

Fake trees or real, which is best?

Some people don't like the idea of cutting down a live plant. However, responsible growers plant at least one tree for every Christmas tree sold. The trees are treated as a crop in the same way that a field would be planted with grain. The Christmas tree industry is a healthy, growing business which employs local people working on the land. Real Christmas trees can have a carbon-neutral environmental impact, depending on where they are grown, type of transportation and the disposal method. The latter has improved over the years with council Christmas tree recycling schemes.  


Artificial Christmas trees

Most artificial Christmas trees are considered to have a heavy carbon footprint. Plastics are widely used during manufacture and the process consumes considerable energy. At the end of their useful life they are rarely biodegradable and most end up in landfill sites. What's more, they don't have that wonderful Christmas tree aroma! They do, however, have a long life and they aren't considered to be 'single-use plastic'. 


Living alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree

There are other options if you prefer not to buy a traditional tree at Christmas. Perhaps you would like something that could be planted in the garden after decorating your December. In that case, English Woodlands might have just the thing for you. Very few trees are suitable for indoor use because they will wilt in the warm atmosphere, then struggle to acclimatise when they are transferred outdoors. 

You could use a potted tree in the front garden, however.

Holly with berries

  • Try container-grown holly with or without berries.
  • A potted yew would look charming, but beware - all parts of the plant are toxic. 
  • Choose a deciduous tree such as crab apple, cherry, beech or hawthorn. They will give you a living framework on which to hang decorations. 
  • You could try a potted evergreen such as Elaeagnus, Photinia, Juniper or pine. 

Click HERE to look for inspirational plants with the potential to make living decorations or a gift for a loved one.

Deck the halls

Use clippings from hedgrows, holly, laurel and conifer hedges to make swags and garlands for Christmas. Brighten them with berries, cones, raffia and biodegradable decorations that are now widely found in the shops. Enjoy the process of brightening the home for the festive season and before you know it, the longer, brighter days will be with us.

Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you here at the nursery. Trees make wonderful gifts!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance. Tel: 01435 862 992

Christmas trees for sale

29 November 2021
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