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Climbers for Spring Flowering

clematis montana rubens 400

There’s a lot to be said for introducing climbing plants to your garden. Climbers offer vertical interest which enhances tree and shrub planting. They’re great for use alongside built structures to maintain a natural feel, suitable for training over fences, arbors, pergolas and archways. When planting there’s even the opportunity to mix and match with other species. Many climbers will happily grow alongside one another for a more varied display, and they can be trained up larger trees for interest along the trunk.

There’s every reason to consider branching out into climbing plants, so we’re going to take a little time to talk about two species from the ever-popular Clematis genus, being Clematis Montana Rubens and Clematis armandii.

Clematis Montana Rubens boasts a range of colours, with bronze purple shoots and leaves followed by anemone like single flowers borne on the previous year’s wood, rose pink and as large as six centimetres across. It’s suitable for pruning immediately after flowering, though you should refrain unless it’s absolutely necessary. C. montana Rubens is perfect for all the uses listed above, though bear in mind that it’s a deciduous specimen.

If you’re looking instead for an evergreen climber, you might be interested in Clematis armandii. It has a similar height and soil requirements to C. montana Rubens, needing moist, humus and nutrient rich soil, in moderately acid to alkaline conditions. Though where C. montana Rubens will thrive in any aspect, Armandii will need a sunny sheltered site with protection from winds and shade around the roots. Manage this, and you’ll be rewarded with large, creamy, white flowers from mid to late spring, and glossy, leathered leaves the entire year through.

They’re both available on our site, sold as 1.75m canes, though we also offer an extended range of Clematis on trellises. There’s a wide selection of climbing plants for your sheds, fences and trees, so don’t hesitate to look around, or even visit the nursery for a closer view. If you can’t make it, feel free to call us any time, and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.

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