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Don’t Miss Out on Bare-Root Plant Season!

We’re fast approaching the cut-off for availability of bare-root plants, you’re unlikely to find any after Easter this year. Where you can find container grown plants the entire year through, bare-root is limited to November through March. They’re excellent choices for planting, so you’ll want to make the most of them while they’re still available.

Bare-root plants are field grown, then lifted without soil while dormant. They’re placed in bags to retain moisture in the roots, and kept in a consistently cool environment until you’re ready to plant. Since they’re lifted and planted while dormant, when spring begins growth will accompany it.

They’re a very cost-effective way of planting trees and hedges during the dormant season. You can usually get them cheaper than container-grown and rootballed plants, so there’s every reason to be interested.

We’re currently stocking bare-root plants in a number of categories. You’ll be able to invest in bare-root single species and mixed hedging, or trees for planting within hedge lines Bare-root plants are especially appropriate when bought as trees for coppicing, such as hazel and sweet chestnut, free to be pruned before exiting dormancy.

It’s preferable not to store bare-root plants for extended periods, since even when moistened they’re devoid of soil and nutrition. So long as soil is sufficiently moist and temperatures aren’t freezing, it’s currently an ideal time to plant, and one of the last opportunities to do so before the autumn.

To help with successful planting, we’re even offering a sale on Mycorrhizal fungi, or Rootgrow™. If you’re interested in buying, you can check the rest of the blog to learn how to use Rootgrow.

If you’re interesting in purchasing bare-root plants and trees, feel free to browse our stock, and contact us at any time with questions and queries.

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