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What is Environmental Sustainability?

If you have found yourself in this particular part of our blog, then we have no doubt that you are interested in finding out more about Environmental Sustainability. If that’s the case, then all you have to do is read on, to learn a little about what is meant by Environmental Sustainability, and how it is helping the planet – on a small scale, and worldwide.

As you can probably tell from its own title, environmental sustainability is about two things; the environment, and sustaining it. How exactly this is done, depends on what is done beforehand for there to be a need to sustain the environment. If a tree is cut down, planting one – or several – in its place, is part of sustaining the environment.

Environmental sustainability includes taking the conscious decision to take action that will protect the natural world. This emphasises particularly on preserving the capability of the environment, in order to support human – and animal – life. In short, environmental sustainability is about humans taking care of the planet in order to make reparations for any damage we may have caused.

For some, environmental sustainability is a small thing – throwing away rubbish that will not decompose, instead of throwing it in a field or on the ground, is a way to protect and preserve just a small piece of land. However, if everybody did this, then the piece of land saved would grow larger, and larger, until the majority of the earth was being treated respectfully.

However, there are companies and other organisations that must make their sustainability actions even grander and more reliable. A furniture, or paper company, for example, will cut down thousands of trees. Planting new trees in their place, potentially twice the amount of them as well, is a way to sustain the tree life. It is big businesses whom are most concerned with environmental sustainability, as it will also sustain their business alongside it.

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