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Introduction to Screening

Screening represents an extremely important part of personalising your garden. The feel of a garden is ultimately greater than the sum of its parts, and outside views can have a distinct effect on the atmosphere. Perhaps an unsightly urban development or factory can be seen in the distance, or your garden overlooks a busy road.

Customers often ask us to recommend screening above a 6’ fence line, either to give privacy from neighbouring properties or hide an unwanted view. Screening may also be required less than 6’ high to provide a division between paths, roads or other gardens.

Trees and shrubs can draw attention away from unattractive views and provide privacy from overlooking windows. There are many options available for you to screen your property, for instance hedges, trees, pleached trees and climbers.

Pleached trees are grown with a bare trunk up to 1-2 metres tall, with branches grown according to a framework, usually built from bamboo. They’re often used to screen above the height of walls and fences, creating a hedge-like airborne effect. Pleached trees create a formal style. Hornbeam and lime trees are traditional pleached trees, and you could also consider Photinia Red Robin and Ilex (Holly) as evergreen pleached trees, or the ornamental pear Pyrus Chanticleer.

Before you set up screening for your garden, you’ll have to consider what purpose it’s serving, and where it will be placed. Are you bordering another property? What soil quality and sun exposure does the plot possess? What length of plot are you planning, and what is the maximum height needed to be achieved?

Check back regularly, and we’ll be discussing species and strategies for screening your garden in more detail. As ever, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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