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Parrotia persica

Take a look at the picture below. You’re seeing Parrotia persica, or the ‘Persian Ironwood’, and it’s easy to understand why we’re taking a moment to explore it in more detail this month. We’re now well into autumn, and picking out plants with stunning autumn colour is a major priority, and we’re happy to say that the Persian Ironwood is truly something special in this regard.


With spectacular autumn colour, Parrotia Persica can be relied upon to stand out

The tree produces a rainbow-like effect each autumn, of rich yellow, orange, and purple red foliage. It’s even winter flowering, so manages to extend interest through small, vividly red flowers in February and March. Spring and summer are more pleasantly restrained, with light grey bark on mature trees peeling to multiple tones, and dark green leaves with undulated edges.

In terms of planting the Persian Ironwood is fortunately easy to accommodate. It’s fully hardy and not prone to diseases, suiting most sites (except coastal ones). Preference is given to deep, moist, loamy soils with a neutral to acid pH, and the tree thrives on soils with good drainage.

It’s native to the near east, specifically the low-lying woodlands in northern Iran. While Parrotia persica is tolerant of urban sites and light shade, you’ll find it colours best when treated to full sun.

The tree has an ultimate height of 7-10 metres, with a flat top and spreading habit. If you check our site you’ll be able to buy a 200-250cm tree for £114, including VAT. If you’re interested in a smaller, less mature specimen then don’t hesitate to call, as we’ll have more sizes and prices available than shown on-site.

It's a brilliant specimen, but there's always more to explore on the main site. We have a full range of multi-stem and feathered trees online, if you're looking to shop around a little more.

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