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Plants for Summer Interest - Trachelospermum jasminoides | 'Star Jasmine'

You might recognise this slow growing, evergreen climber from our newsletter this July, or possibly by its common alias of ‘Star Jasmine’. This is actually a misnomer, as the plant isn’t a jasmine. It’s a fine comparison though, with oval, glossy leaves playing host to white, jasmine-like flowers with a sweet scent. They’re extremely fragrant, and fade to a pleasant cream in July-August as they age.

"Star Jasmine"

It’s a great summer plant, and you’ll find yourself spoiled for planting choices if you find yourself lucky enough to get one. As an evergreen it’s suitable for screen training on a trellis or fence, or it could be planted by pillars, pergolas, arches, and sunny porches.

So long as it has a warm, sunny and sheltered wall to grow against, and well-drained soil to grow above, it can provide a soothingly sweet scent to pools, seating areas, and arbors. If your garden already features deciduous climbers, such as ever-popular roses, Star Jasmine offers a welcome evergreen element into the mix when partnered with them.

It can reach an ultimate height of 7 meters, but don’t let that deter you if you’re short on space. Star Jasmine takes its time growing, and can be easily contained if you set out a defined, smaller space. Also generally hardy to the cold (with occasional reddened foliage during a chilly winter), you’re unlikely to have much trouble maintaining the plant. Just take care if the need to prune does arise, as the stems and leaves exude a milky juice when cut.

Star Jasmine is available now from only £43.20 including VAT, and marks an excellent way to expand your summer garden with a soothing, fragrant specimen. If you’re interest in similar plants, don’t hesitate to check out our other climbing plants for a little more variety, and contact us at any time for help and advice.

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