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Plants for Spring Interest – Prunus okame (Okame Cherry)

This is one of the more striking plants for early spring interest. The Okame Cherry is a deciduous broad leafed tree, most notable for its vibrant, deep pink flowering which occurs in early spring. An attractive variety of colour is maintained the entire year round, with the late spring’s broad, green leaves taking on a regal red and orange sheen towards the autumn.

We happily recommend Prunus Okame as a small hardy tree requiring little maintenance once established. The tree is fairly capable of being planted in any type of soil, it is tolerant of chalk and will cope with heavy clay as long as not waterlogged for long periods. It’s always advisable to improve your soil to best service your plants, though the Okame Cherry is thankfully less vulnerable than many species. As long as the soil drains well and it’s placed in full sun the plant will sustain itself rather well.

In terms of usage, it’s an excellent specimen for use in cottage gardens, courtyards and urban gardens, or as a colourful centrepiece in public parklands and suburban settings. Although a small tree, the canopy does spread to form an attractive shape in maturity, and can create an excellent focal point for any area.

We’re currently stocking container-grown Prunus okame sized between 175-400cm in height, which can be found among our affordable selection of common trees. Including VAT, the smaller varieties are going for £38.40, ranging up to £150 for a substantially more established plant. As ever, feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

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