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Trees for Containers: Sunny with Edible Fruit

In many situations a potted tree is simply more appropriate than a ground planted one. Many prefer the ease, mobility and flexibility that a pot-grown tree provides. Here we’re going to discuss a few trees bearing edible fruit that are suitable for pot growing with exposure to the sun.

Strawberry Tree – Arbutus Unedo

Strawberry Trees are an evergreen, multi-stem plant reaching an ultimate height of five to eight meters, though if you choose it can be grown as a single-stem tree. It’s prunable, making it an ideal half-standard topiary specimen. Pink flowers appear in autumn, with the previous year’s blossom producing rounded red fruits not dissimilar to strawberries. It’s fantastic choice for beginners, being fairly hardy and attractive. The red fruit, white/pink blossoms and red, shedding bark make for a striking combination.

Fig – Ficus Carica

The Fig Tree is another autumn flowerer with flowers appearing within what resembles a small fruit. It also produces edible green/brown fruit called figs between August and September. Like the Strawberry Tree it is hardy, and can grow fairly high and vigorously. This makes the Fig ideal for potted growth, where the roots will be restrained. As long as it’s kept in well drained soils and sheltered from cold winds it will prove easy enough to cultivate. This genus is a great choice for individuals seeking an unusual fruit tree than can be kept in a pot. The foliage of large, deep lobed green leaves is rough to the touch and majestic.

Olive Tree – Olea Europaea

The Olive Tree is quite adaptable, growing between five to ten meters. It can prosper in most soil types at various pH, including chalky, clay, loamy and sandy, just as long as you keep the soil well-drained throughout the year. Though generally hardy it proves vulnerable to low temperatures over extended periods, so be sure to take measures to shelter it. They usually produce black fruit in autumn, though in the colder environment of the UK you cannot count on this for sure, and the olives are unlikely to ripen.

Each of these genera would make an attractive an excellent addition to any garden. Take a look through our website for more information, and see what kind of tree would suit your needs.

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