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Rootgrow - An Overview

Rootgrow – An Overview

Rootgrow is one of our absolute favourite products for encouraging fast and sturdy growth in plants, and one that we 100% recommend. We’ve mentioned it before, but we thought it would be worth going into a little more detail about what it is and how it can benefit you, so today we’ve set aside some space for just that.

What are Mycorrhizal Fungi?

Plant roots in all soils interact with a staggering number of microorganisms, and these are perhaps the most important. They’ve been helping plants grow for over 500 million years by helping them to extract nutrients and withhold water. They’ll permanently live with the plant, trading an enhanced nutrients supply in exchange for sugars and carbon from the plant. 90% of all land plants are involved in one of these relationships to augment their own root system.

Then what’s Rootgrow?

Rootgrow is made up of a mixture of UK mycorrhizal fungi, including AMF, ECMF and bio-additives. The substance can be applied in two forms, either as a dry granule or by mixing with water and hydrogel to create a root dipping treatment for bare root plants.

 How do I apply it?

If you’re interested in the product then check out our blog on this topic. But essentially you can either apply the granules directly to the rootball and tree pit, or mix the gel and granules into water. This makes a solution the bare roots can be dipped in. Just make sure the roots are in direct contact with the Rootgrow.

Do I need Rootgrow?

Most landscape plants are raised in sterile compost with access to water and nutrients. Being planted into soil is a radical environment change and can be stressful, resulting in poor growth or death. You’re unlikely to have enough of the right type of fungi to affect the plant. 5 grams of Rootgrow contain up to 5000 pieces of fungi ready to colonise the entire root system.

How will it benefit me?

Whether you’re a gardener, parks manager or landscaper, Rootgrow will definitely benefit you. The reasons are extensive, a list is the best way to show you.

  1. One treatment lasts forever, the fungal partner will grow in hand with the plant, and you’ll never need to reapply.
  2. It’s easy to use! The dry granules are particularly easy to apply.
  3. You’ll see better growth, and sooner. In the 2-4 weeks after planting you can expect to see the active root area of the plant increased by up to 700 times.
  4. Reduced plant mortality, since the enhanced root system will nourish them during their most vulnerable phase.
  5. Drought resistance, the fungal roots will make better use of what moisture is still available.
  6. Better fertilizer uptake. Not only will you only need one application of the fungi, but repeated use products like fertilizer will be far more effective.
  7. The ultra-fine fungal strands will be able to unlock obscure trace elements from the soil, that regular roots would be unable to receive.
  8. Replanting problems, such as rose and apple sickness, will be resisted. The weak and damaged roots will start receiving nutrients far quicker than without the fungi.

Rootgrow’s a great product, and we hope we’ve been able to clear up a few of the reasons why you might want it. Bear all this in mind, and if you’re ever after any information we haven’t gotten round to blogging about then don’t hesitate to contact us. We love giving out planting advice and will always be happy to help.

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