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  • Autumn colour!

    It's beginning to look a bit like autumn - foliage colour, fruit, and berries...

    Acer palmatum Sango Kaku


    Acer palmatum Viridis

    Sorbus Olympic Flame


    Euonymus Red Cascade

    Crab apple Jelly King

    Pyracantha berries

    Parrotia persica

  • Autumn colour !




  • Amelanchier - Snowy mespilus

    Amelanchiers - Snowy mespilus - June Berry

    Amelanchier multi stem trees

    Amelanchiers are deciduous trees or shrubs with showy white flowers and look great at the moment! We have multi-stem and single-stem varieties. Most also have good autumn colour.

    Depending on variety they can reach 6-12 meters tall, the smaller varieties include Amelanchier Ballerina and A. Snowflakes reaching 6m.  Amelanchier canadensis syn. A. lamarckii can reach 8m as can A.Robin Hill, there are narrow crown varieties such as A.Obelisk and A. Rainbow Pillar. They prefer moist well-drained soils, the best autumn colour occurs on neutral to acid soils and they tolerate light shade. Great for small gardens, courtyards and naturalistic rural planting.

    Come and visit!

  • Glorious October Colour

    There are many trees and shrubs to choose for autumn colour. One of the best is Liquidambar, or 'sweet gum'. The species Liquidambar styracifluar can reach 20m - ideal for a large garden and is a superb specimen tree with maple shaped leaves. The smaller variety 'Worplesdon' ultimately reaches 12m and is well suited to this climate, both trees produce yellow/pink/red or deep burgundy leaves depending on the site and season.

    Several oak species give fantastic autumn colour, Quercus coccinea (Scarlet oak), Quercus rubra (Red oak) and Quercus palustris (Pin oak) are all stately trees with rich orange red autumn foliage.

    Many ornamental cherries (Prunus species) have good autumn colour, including the wild cherry P.avium, autumn cherry P.subhirtella Autumnalis and Japanese cherries such as P. Okame.

    The dwarf cherry Prunus Kojo-no-mai - is stunning in autumn as well as spring and proves there is a cherry tree suitable for every garden - looks great in a pot on a patio too.

    A lovely tree for a small garden with spring and autumn interest is Amelanchier - the June berry. Amelanchier lamarckii or A. Canadensis (very similar) and the varieties Ballerina and Snowflakes all have white flowers in spring and orange autumn colour.

    If you are planning to plant native hedges this autumn and would like to have autumn colour consider including the Guelder Rose, Viburnum opulus. Particularly good for moist soils it is supplied as a bare-root plant from November to March.

    Enjoy the autumn - whatever the weather!

  • Offer on Amelanchier spring flowering trees – 20% off throughout April

    After a mild winter and some remarkably sunny and dry days throughout March, spring is well and truly under way!

    To celebrate, we have 20% off all Amelanchier as this month’s promotion.

    Available from English Woodlands in sizes as small as 175-200cm to large sizes such as 300-350cm, Amelanchier is an attractive genus with year-round interest.  As one of the lesser-known types of spring flowering trees, Amelanchier has pink buds which open to star-shaped white flowers throughout April and May, followed by blue black berries. Strong colouring follows in the autumn. Generally, Amelanchiers thrive in moist well-drained lime-free soils and in sun or light shade.

    As an example, Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill (available as a 12-14cm girth tree) initially has leaves that have a coppery green color which gradually harden to green during summer. An ideal garden tree as it requires very little maintenance, this tree is large enough to provide light screening above a fence line, and is a lovely addition to a seating area.

    Among the small standards (175-200cm), tree varieties include Amelanchier Snowflakes, which has large white flowers and Amelanchier asiatica Ballerina, both varieties are smaller than Robin Hill ultimately reaching 6m in height

    In order to activate the 20% discount, make sure you use the code ‘APRIL14’ when at the basket.

    Visit our promotions page to find out more.

    Amelanchier English Woodlands' Amelanchier Robin Hill

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