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  • Autumn colour !




  • Fabulous autumn colour!

    Foliage colour is one of the highlights of autumn, this year has been one of the best due to the long hot summer and as yet we haven't had the gales to blow the leaves off the trees...

    Whatever size garden - or patio - you have there is a tree that has beautiful autumn colour for you - from the smallest ornamental cherry to the largest oaks.

    Prunus Kojo-no-mai is a small ornamental cherry showing good colour now, it is suitable for a container on a patio and reaches approximately 2m high. In contrast, the wild cherry Prunus avium can grace a woodland clearing or parkland and reach up to 20m.

    In between, for small to medium gardens  - varieties such as Prunus Okame, Prunus Pandora, Prunus Kanzan and Prunus sargentii all have good autumn colour. Prunus Royal Burgundy has deep burgundy foliage in summer which turns bright red in autumn.

    Oaks such as the pin oak Quercus palustris, red oak Quercus rubra, and scarlet oak Quercus coccinea are stunning large trees for autumn colour.

    Many Sorbus (Rowan) trees show great autumn foliage including the yellow berried variety of Sorbus aucuparia - Joseph Rock, upright when young this is a hardy tree for a small garden.

    One of the best trees for autumn colour is Liquidambar styraciflua and its cultivars, including Liquidambar Worplesdon which shows consistently good colour. Liquidambar has a maple shape leaf and the tree is also prunable so we also supply it as a stunning espalier 2m high and 1m wide.

    Less well known is Nyssa sylvatica the Tupelo tree, a large specimen used to great effect in public gardens such as Sheffield Park here in Sussex. Parrotia persica, the Persian Ironwood is another unusual stunning large tree the leaves show an almost rainbow foliage effect in autumn.

    And of course there are many Japanese Maples - Acer palmatum varieties to choose from with a range of red, orange and yellow autumn colour.

    Enjoy the autumn colour this year and do come and visit if you are inspired to plant!

  • Ornamental cherry Shirofugen

    Prunus Shirofugen - One of the best

    ornamental cherries in flower end of April through to May. Looking great in the nursery today.

    A real show stopper! Double white flowers start pink in bud and fade to shell pink. The young foliage is copper coloured, then turns green and has good autumn colour too.


    Ultimate height and spread is approximately 8m.
    It prefers a sunny site and can cope with clay and chalk.

    Prunus Shirofugen

  • Glorious October Colour

    There are many trees and shrubs to choose for autumn colour. One of the best is Liquidambar, or 'sweet gum'. The species Liquidambar styracifluar can reach 20m - ideal for a large garden and is a superb specimen tree with maple shaped leaves. The smaller variety 'Worplesdon' ultimately reaches 12m and is well suited to this climate, both trees produce yellow/pink/red or deep burgundy leaves depending on the site and season.

    Several oak species give fantastic autumn colour, Quercus coccinea (Scarlet oak), Quercus rubra (Red oak) and Quercus palustris (Pin oak) are all stately trees with rich orange red autumn foliage.

    Many ornamental cherries (Prunus species) have good autumn colour, including the wild cherry P.avium, autumn cherry P.subhirtella Autumnalis and Japanese cherries such as P. Okame.

    The dwarf cherry Prunus Kojo-no-mai - is stunning in autumn as well as spring and proves there is a cherry tree suitable for every garden - looks great in a pot on a patio too.

    A lovely tree for a small garden with spring and autumn interest is Amelanchier - the June berry. Amelanchier lamarckii or A. Canadensis (very similar) and the varieties Ballerina and Snowflakes all have white flowers in spring and orange autumn colour.

    If you are planning to plant native hedges this autumn and would like to have autumn colour consider including the Guelder Rose, Viburnum opulus. Particularly good for moist soils it is supplied as a bare-root plant from November to March.

    Enjoy the autumn - whatever the weather!

  • Old England in the fall - our selection of Trees for Autumn colour

    Acer japonicum AconitifoliumAcer palmatum species – have many leaf shapes and shades turning stunning autumn colours from yellow, through orange, red to scarlet.  They prefer sheltered and at least partly shaded sites with moist but well-drained soil.

    AmelanchierAll Amelanchier species have good autumn colour whether grown as a shrub or tree, aswell as small white flowers in spring.
    A. arborea Robin Hill is the largest we sell reaching 5-10m eventually. A. Ballerina and Snowflakes are ideal for a small garden reaching approximately 6m. Autumn colour is best on neutral to acid soils – not chalk!

    Cercis Forest PansyCercis canadensis Forest Pansy – a shrub or small tree with purple leaves in summer and an attractive range of yellow to orange mixed with purple autumn colour – beautiful with the low evening sun behind it. Prefers a sunny sheltered site.

    Crataegus prunifoliaCrataegus prunifolia - a round crowned tree reaching 5-7m with bright red berries and yellow to orange autumn colour – in a good year this can be stunning. This is a hardy tree tolerant of most sites and soil types.

    Wild cherryOrnamental cherries –As well as spring flowers most ornamental cherries also have some autumn colour – most notable are Prunus sargentii, Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis (which also flowers throughout the winter when the weather is mild enough), Prunus avium the wild cherry, and Prunus Royal Burgundy with burgundy colour leaves in summer turning to bright red in autumn.

    Sweet gumLiquidambar styraciflua and species – beautiful maple shape green leaves turn mixture of colours from yellow, pink, orange, red to deep wine red.
    A wonderful specimen tree for autumn colour. Can also be pruned into an espalier for stunning screening.

    Persian IronwoodParrotia persica – Persian Ironwood – an unusual tree with small red flowers appearing before the leaves in March, often multi-stemmed or with low branches that show off the often multi-coloured autumn leaves from orange-red to violet tinged scarlet.

    Scarlet oakQuercus – oak varieties with good autumn colour include pin oak, scarlet oak and red oak. Large trees with deeply lobed leaves and a range of colour from rusty brown to bright scarlet oaks.


    Sorbus aucuparia varieties have good foliage colour as well as berries in the autumn making them doubly attractive. Sorbus commixta the Japanese rowan turns yellow to deep coral-red in autumn the variety Olympic Flame is one we highly recommend.

    Trees with golden autumn colour include Liriodendron - the tulip tree, Acer campestre - field maple, Tilia species - limes and Gleditsia.

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