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Tag Archives: autumn trees

  • Beautiful Japanese Acers

    It may be a dull and wet day out there today, but we still have some cracking autumn colour - three of the best Acers for autumn colour brightening up our nursery in the rain and a brief moment of sun!

  • Fabulous autumn colour

    A selection of trees and shrubs for autumn interest...

  • Autumn just gets better

    Two trees that keep their leaves well into November (and sometimes December!) are Crataegus lavellei and Pyrus Chanticleer.

    Crataegus lavalleiToday the sun shone (briefly) on Crataegus lavellei showing off the glossy orange berries and deep green leaves.  This little known hawthorn is hardy, tolerates most soils and grows to around 7m. It makes it a perfect tree for providing privacy at this time of year.

    Pyrus Chanticleer fthPyrus Chanticleer - an ornamental pear - also keeps its leaves well into autumn and then shows autumn tints of yellow to orange/red. This tree tolerates heavy soils and windy sites - even coastal sites. In spring it is covered with creamy white flowers - a real stunner!  In stock now are trees 4m high which make quite an impact.

  • New Autumn Stock Arrives at the Nursery

    September is always an exciting time here at English Woodlands, as traditionally, the best time for planting is from autumn to spring. The soil is still warm, and as soon as there is sufficient moisture, planting conditions become ideal. Deciduous trees will also lose their leaves and go dormant for the winter, making them much easier to transplant, while evergreen plant’s growth slows down as they prepare for the winter.

    We also restock this time of year, replenishing our selection of fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs and climbers, meaning that we always have a great range of plants at this time of year. The leaves are still on the trees, so it is helpful to see them and plan for later planting.

    We are spoilt for choice with our new arrivals. A few examples of our superb quality trees are the tall Liquidambar styracifluar which will look amazing when autumn colour comes, Rhododendrons and Azaleas which are budding up now to be ready for spring next year.

    Liquidambar styraciflua - Sweet Gum Liquidambar styraciflua - Sweet Gum
    Rhododendrons English Woodland's new stock of Rhododendrons

    In addition to our trees and shrubs, we always have something special to offer. This year we have some wonderful Ilex Crenata large bonsai trees that have been cloud pruned. And Ilex crenata is an evergreen pant that is slow growing and easily clipped to maintain shape.

    We at English Woodlands love the Ilex Nellie Stevens, and it is a slightly less prickly plant than the common holly Ilex Acquilfolium. We have some very large standard trees in stock at the moment, and they would make a fabulous tree for a smart entrance as well as providing evergreen screening where required. Other new additions are some great Cornus controversa variegata, which have reached the size where they start to look very special!

    Ilex Nellie Stevens - Holly Nellie Stevens Ilex Nellie Stevens - Holly Nellie Stevens

    Many of our customers comment on the great quality of our plants, which we always greatly appreciate, and our ever-popular evergreen hedge plants such as the Common Laurel and the Portuguese laurel are looking great in our nursery.

    Whether it is a small fruit tree, a large standard tree or hedge plants you are looking for; whether you need screening structure or just something ornamental to enjoy we have some great plants for you to look at in the nursery just now. Autumn – we love it!

    If you want to talk to any of English Woodland’s friendly team for advice regarding tour new stock or any of our other products, give them a call on 01435 862992, or visit their website at www.ewburrownursery.co.uk.

  • Trees for Autumn Interest – Oak Trees (Quercus)

    Autumn can be one of the most visually striking times of the year. Many species truly come into their own around the period, and informed planting choice can produce a lot of interest. As October rounds out we’re working to put out a few more details on some of our favourite autumn trees, and today we’ll be focusing on three particularly beautiful varieties of Quercus, the Oak.

    Quercus rubra | Red Oak

    Firstly, we’d like to take a quick look at Quercus rubra, or the ‘Red Oak’. As the picture below illustrates it’s a highly appropriate name, with the trees displaying stunningly deep colours during the autumn, with orange-red to scarlet leaves depending on the temperature. It’s even refreshingly full during the winter, with browned leaves often hanging on to the tree for an extended period.


    A snapshot of Quercus rubra’s vividly coloured autumn leaves

    Adaptable to a wide range of soils, but preferring sandy loam and well-drained but moist soils, ideally in a sunny site. It’s able to tolerate dry soils and periods of summer drought, but only after being fully established.

    A stately tree reaching an ultimate height of 25 metres and spread of 12, it’s often put to use in large gardens, parks, streets and avenues.

    Quercus palustris | Pin Oak

    Another stately tree, though only reaching an ultimate height of 20 metres, while maintaining an impressive spread of 12 metres. The horizontal branches are a beautiful sight, creating striking silhouettes in the winter.



    Quercus palustris stands out with large, lobed leaves taking on a deep red autumn colour

    Much like the ‘Red Oak’, the ‘Pin Oak’ serves well in large gardens and public areas. You’ll find it suits most soils except chalk, adapting well to moderately dry sites, and even moist-to-wet alluvial soils. Specimens prefer deep, nutrient-rich soils with an acidic to mildly alkaline pH, and will even tolerate areas which stand set in winter.

    Quercus coccinea – ‘Scarlet Oak’

    We don’t have this listed on the site, but feel free to contact us either on-line, on the phone, or in person if you’d like to sample an excellent specimen with many of the positive seen above, along and eye-catching autumn foliage and an extremely hardy character.

     scarlet oak

    A Scarlet Oak displaying autumn foliage |©Jean-Pol Grandmont

    Quercus coccinea shares the dimensions of Q. palustris, with a notable winter silhouette thanks to striking, horizontal branches. During the summer the tree displays bright green leaves with pointed lobes, turning to a dark, scarlet red in autumn (hence the name!).

    Q. coccinea is particularly notable for hardiness. The tree is extremely frost tolerant, and also tolerant of moderately dry soils, drought, and heat. It will happily adapt to a wide range of soils, preferring moist sites with an acid to mildly alkaline pH.

    If you’re still interested in trees for a sizeable garden or public space, we have plenty more large trees online, while our new Plant Finder tool can help pick a tree for a certain site. If you have any additional questions and queries, however, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’re happy to help with advice on planting choice and technique.

  • Looking for Autumn Interest? | Liquidambar

    We’re fast approaching our favourite time of year! We love spring and summer for growth and flowering, but late autumn, early winter offers the perfect time to get out there and plant. Whether you’re adding a new focal point or getting deep into a full restructure of your garden, October is a great time to pick out a few new species.

    This month we’re going with an obvious topic, and recommending trees with autumn colour. One species which stands out massively in this regard is Liquidambar, and we’ve got an accompanying promotion to celebrate. Simply enter AMBAR13 at checkout for a discount of 20% off all Liquidambar trees.

    First up, we have Liquidambar styraciflua. With an ultimate height of 15-20 metres it absolutely excels when provided with a large space to show off some beautiful autumn colour. An expansive, dense collection of pink, yellow and burgundy-tinged yellow leaves make for quite the sight.

    Large tree - Liquidambar Liquidambar also produces round, spiky fruits which hang throughout the winter

    On the slightly more manageable side we have varieties like ‘Lane Roberts’, or Liquidambar ‘Worplesdon’. These will reach an ultimate height of around 12-15 metres, and are perfect for providing a stunning focal point with rich, claret colour.

    Large tree - Liquidambar Worplesdon Liquidambar ‘Worplesdon’ displaying some eye-catching autumn colour

    We’ve currently got each of these in stock, container-grown, from 175-400cm in height. But as is often the case, you should always feel free to contact us (or visit us!) if you’re after something more specific. There are plenty of varieties not yet listed on the site, and we’re always happy to lend a hand with plant choice, planting decisions, and setting up an order. In the case of Liquidambar we have a few other varieties beyond the standard range of small and large single-stem trees. We can provide multi-stemmed variants, along with a stunning two-by-one metre espalier, ideal for a fabulous and compact autumn screen.

    The current promotion is running until October 31st, dependent on stock remaining. If you’re interested in introducing some uniquely striking autumn colour into your garden don’t forget to enter AMBAR13 at checkout, and claim your 20% discount.

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