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Tag Archives: Garden Irrigation

  • Don’t Kill your Trees! – Correct Watering

    Despite your best efforts, sometimes it can seem like a tree simply won’t flourish, or even survive! One of the main reasons for this may be incorrect planting and care. Last time we talked a little about the best way to get your trees off to a good start, with correct and safe planting depth, so this week we’re talking about what to do once they’re in the ground, with correct watering.

     tree irrigation

    First things first, keep the roots moist before planting, just don’t soak them. Then water immediately after planting, which helps to settle the soil. For newly planted trees in dry summer conditions, watering every 2 days, or 2-3 times a week, is advisable until they get established.

    A good place to start is installing a Root Rain irrigation system, some advice on installation can be found here. It’s an extremely effective way of ensuring the entire root ball is watered, not just a surface, and makes a big difference in low quality soils.

    One slip up we regularly see is watering a small amount daily during the spring, summer and autumn. You should be watering to your plant’s needs, not yours. Water well, and allow the water to drain naturally. Check the soil moisture the next day to see if it’s dry or overtly moist, and hold off or re-water appropriately. Remember to keep doing this after rain, though! Soil may be less moist than you expect, and evergreens in particular are likely to need a little extra if this is the case.

    Container grown plants may require a slightly different schedule, having a smaller amount of soil at hand to draw moisture from. If they drain quickly in hot conditions they often need daily watering.

    Finally, remember to keep your evergreens moist during the winter. They retain foliage (and water requirements!), so becoming dehydrated can lead to unattractive leaf burn in the New Year. Be especially careful with container grown evergreens, if the rootball freezes they’re at particular risk of losing their water supply, so wrap pots warm and keep roots hydrated.

    That’s all for now, though remember to check back regularly and we’re sure to be covering more in the coming months. If there’s anything you’d like to see feel free to leave a comment, or contact us at any time.

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