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Tree Planting Methods – Large, Double Staked Trees

  1. Soak the rootball / container well several hours before planting to thoroughly wet the compost
  2. Dig a hole the depth of the container and at least 6” to 8” wider than the container on each side – more for larger trees. Lightly fork the bottom of the hole to break up any compacted soil. A small handful of bonemeal may be added at this stage
  3. Remove the tree from the container, or in the case of large, bagged trees, remove the bag by cutting it off. Rootballed plants have hessian and sometimes wire around the roots – this should NOT be removed. It will protect the roots from damage while planting and both the hessian and wire will rot away naturally in about 3 to 6 months
  4. Place the tree in the hole. The tree should be planted so that the top of the rootball is level with the surrounding soil
  5. Position stakes on either side of, and close to the roots of the tree. Then drive in stakes until firm
  6. Cut the crossbar to length and nail it between tops of stakes. The flat side should be against the stakes, and facing towards the tree
  7. Thread a length of tree tie strapping around the trunk of the tree and then through the slots of the rubber block, making sure that the rounded side of the rubber block fits against the tree trunk
  8. Position the flat side of the rubber block against the crossbar, then nail the straping to the crossbar using large head roofing nails. Put the nails in close to the pad, ensuring the tree is held tightly in position and vertical
  9. Fill in the gap between the rootball and hole with a 50/50 mix of soil and planting compost, then firm well.
  10. WATER WELL AFTER PLANTING. Trees need regular watering for at least six months. Adjust watering to weather conditions.

For more information, download our information sheet on tree planting methods, complete with pictures, or visit our blog post on planting smaller, single stake trees, or successful tree planting. If you’re unclear please ask us – we are always happy to give practical planting advice

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