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Trees for Summer Foliage – Introduction

USE In trees for summer foliage

We spend a lot of time discussing the fruits and flowers of various species, they play a large part in defining the character of a tree, and affect the decision whether to buy very closely for most consumers. But these features are only a brief section of a specimen’s annual appeal, and the summer time has plenty to offer.

There’s absolutely nothing like the colours accompanying fresh, new foliage. At this time of year we can expect to see greens shining their brightest, with the full range of nature’s palette on display among various species boasting leaves in pristine condition.

For a particularly striking appearance, we’ve always loved Acer platanoides ‘Royal Red’ and ‘Princeton Gold’. These are a pair of large, tolerant maples, quick growing and great for summer screening and shade. What really helps them to stand out is their beautiful deep red and bright yellow summer foliage, they’re particularly stunning when planted as a structured combination, and you can see a little of the effect in the image above.

There are options out there with even more unique foliage. Sorbus aria Lutescens, or ‘Whitebeam’, is remarkable for its rare, silvery leaves. It already features a beautiful goblet structure, but the foliage on this 12m tree means it will always stand out from the crowd. One of the smaller varieties of Japanese maple, Acer palmatum ‘Garnet’, boasts deep brownish-red to purple foliage in the spring, summer, and autumn, with large, dissected leaves spreading widely.

There’s a huge amount of variety available, whether you’re looking for a few smaller specimens to stand out in the garden or larger landmarks within a public space. We’ll be discussing these in more detail later through the month, though you can always check our site for more details, and don’t hesitate to call us on 01435 862 992 if you’d like to set up an order or pose a question.

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