Urgent tree and shrub advice for English Woodlands customers past and present

Urgent tree and shrub advice for English Woodlands customers past and present
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It is vital for trees and shrubs to be watered if they are relatively newly planted. Here at English Woodlands we cannot stress highly enough the importance of watering this spring and summer. The winter has been unusually dry, and May temperatures are expected to be very high.

We are already hearing of many instances of newly planted shrubs and trees showing real signs of stress from drought. Up to now it has been mostly evergreens such as laurel and conifers which are never fully dormant. Now that the deciduous trees are in leaf, we are anticipating more problems. Please make sure that all trees planted last winter are watered, deeply, twice a week. In the current situation, rain won't be able to compensate the lack of moisture in the ground.

If you have noticed leaves turning yellow on young evergreens, or plants failing to thrive, it is highly likely that they are suffering from lack of water. Provided you act quickly, it might be possible to save them! Take care, when watering, to provide enough so that not only the rootball is soaked, but the adjacent soil too. We do not recommend leaving a hose running on newly planted trees and shrubs as this will wash away the nutrients in the soil. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. You can ring English Woodlands on: 01435 862 992 or visit the nursery at Cross in Hand, near Heathfield, East Sussex,  TN21 0UG, six days per week (closed Sundays).


18 May 2022
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