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Watering System Installation – Root Rain Urban

As with any plant, trees require efficient irrigation systems in order to thrive. In areas where the natural rainfall may not suffice, trees can need a little help. The Root Rain urban is a cost effective irrigation system for large-scale planting. Like the metro watering system it delivers water directly to the root zone of the tree, eliminating wastage and encouraging deep root development. A Tree Pit Pipe that’s substantially larger than the Metro variant, with a pipe length of up to 8 meters. It’s a highly useful product, and we’re happy to vouch for it. Today we’re setting a little space aside to advise you on the best way to install a Root Rain Urban with a newly planted tree, in the hope of meeting a few more of your irrigation needs.

  1. Plant the tree as normal. Once the rootball has been lowered into an appropriately sized pit begin backfilling. Stop when there’s about 30cm of space left below ground level, remembering how mulch will affect the final level.
  2. The pipe requires little assembly. Trim the piping until it fits snugly around the root ball and lay it around in a loop. Try and keep the loop as close to horizontal as possible, we understand some site conditions might deter this, but the closer the better.
  3. Clip both ends of the pipe into the plastic tee junction, pushed in at least 5cm.
  4. Backfill the pit until it’s at ground level, including any layer of mulch. The grid top should be emerged slightly above ground level to prevent soil and mulch falling in.

The grid is un-removable, and is one of the reasons the products is so popular.  Most debris will be kept out of the pipe by the grid, while allowing water and air to circulate freely.

As ever, we’re more than happy to give out planting advice, and hope that a Root Rain Urban will suit your needs well.  If you have any issues or require any further advice then please get in touch with us, and we’ll seek to help in any way we can.

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