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Watering System Installation – Root Rain

Depending on the weather and soil available to you, there are a few watering systems available to gardeners to ensure a direct level of control over the watering your tree receives. Irrigation systems like the Leaky Pipe are extremely popular, and with good reason. They’re particularly useful for planting new borders of mixed shrubs and perennial plants. However for individual tree planting effective irrigation requires a perforated pipe delivering water directly to the root zone. The Root Rain irrigation system is one of our more popular tree pit pipes, being quick to install, fast and efficient to irrigate and an excellent tool for improving the drought tolerance of your trees. So in this space we’re going to instruct you on the ideal way to install a Root Rain system in your garden.

  1. Go ahead planting as you normally would for any rootballed tree. Backfill to the point that there’s about 8 inches, or 20cm left of space below ground level surrounding the root ball.
  2. Stop backfilling, and attach the top filler cap to the top end of the pipe. This is to avoid accidentally filling the pipe with soil. Everything should be fastened to the bracket, and we’ve pictured the setup for your convenience
  3. Place the pipe in the pit looping close to the edge of the root system and connect the free and to the bottom cap. If you prefer simply detach it from the bracket. Bear in mind that the filler cap should not be more than 2-5cm above the final ground level.
  4. Secure the bracket in position by nailing it to the tree stake, a single galvanised nail will do the job.
  5. Finally finish backfilling the hole, firming gently over the pipe. Installation is now complete, and water and air can freely access the root ball.

As a method for keeping one tree efficiently irrigated the Root Rain Irrigation system comes highly recommended by English Woodlands. We’re always happy to provide
practical planting advice, so contact us if you’re unclear on installation and we’ll help in any way we can.

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