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Watering Systems – Leaky Pipe

Gardeners are quite rightly always seeking more efficient ways to keep their plants watered and healthy. Individual trees benefit from tree pit irrigation systems, such as the Metro and Urban watering pipes, ensuring water is directed to the root zone. In larger areas of planting, for instance shrub borders and hedges, a different irrigation system is far more appropriate.

It’s important to avoid wastage and inefficiencies, we advise gardeners to consider Leaky Pipe watering systems, representing a proven method of irrigating plants effectively. So in this space we’re going to briefly discuss the setup and use of this convenient watering device, to help you make an informed decision on your investments.

The irrigation system is setup as follows. The Leaky Pipe hosing will be placed along newly planted hedgerows and borders in rows around 60cm apart, to avoid over-watering. They are laid above the surface, though can be later covered with mulch to make the system less obvious. Connect the hosing together with the 16mm plastic piping where watering is not required, and once the system is complete a fitted connector will connect the system to a standard garden hose.

The system allows you to water equally over a large area of ground without the wastage and energy costs associated with sprinkler systems, while directly controlling the flow of water by tap. Small pinholes, the “leaks”, will be able to slowly release water from above or just below the surface.

All parts are available on our website, from 100m rolls of Plastic Piping for £90.00, to 50-100m rolls of leaky piping for £64.80 and £108.00 each. The piping can be easily cut to shape, and hose connectors come from as little as £2.40.

The piping can be easily cut to shape to suit the size of your garden and irrigation needs, with the added bonus of being entirely hidden from view if you choose to do so. Remain aware of the possibility of freezing during the winter, and drain the system if freezing conditions are likely. Always remember to contact us with any questions you might have, and we’ll make every effort to try and help.

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