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Winter Prune Apple Trees

Now is an ideal time to prune apple trees - if you need to. Newly planted trees have usually been formatively pruned in the nursery and shouldn't need any pruning, however as trees get older pruning may be necessary and it is easier to assess the trees after leaf fall and prior to bud break.

The aim of any pruning will be to reduce the risk of pests and diseases from crowded conditions ; encourage growth of younger productive wood and the production of good quality fruit.

First remove any dead, diseased or damaged branches - particularly those damaged by apple canker.

Prune out any crossing branches that can rub.

Shorten previous year's growth on main branch tips by about a third.

Leave side branches (laterals) unpruned so they can develop fruit buds in the second year.

Remove strong shoots growing into the centre of the tree - aim for an overall 'goblet' shape.

On old trees thin out any fruit bearing spurs that are congested to about 15cm/6" apart.

and don't forget to clean your tools after use!